Can Regular Maintenance Save You Money On AC Repairs Can Regular Maintenance Save You Money On AC Repairs

Can Regular Maintenance Save You Money On AC Repairs

Written By: Andrew Young
Wednesday, November 13, 2019

How Often Should Maintenance Be Done to Avoid AC Repairs?

Depending on the expert company for AC repairsnbsp; you talk to, you should get regular maintenance done at least once a year. Some professionals say that twice is better. Ideally, the service should happen every six months, once in the Spring and again in the Fall. If you can only afford to do it once, or if you decide once is enough, Spring is the best time.

As the weather starts to get warmer, you dont want to be stuck with a necessary AC repairnbsp; because you failed to get the routine maintenance suggested. Thats what makes the Spring season the best time. Over the next few months, your air conditioning unit will be used more often, and you have to be prepared for whats to come. As the frequency of use increases, so does the potential for things to go wrong. After any HVAC company comes in and does their job, you can have peace of mind that your home will be properly cooled. Thats what you need when youre under the scorching summer Texas sun

What AC Repairsnbsp; Could Emerge from Skipping Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Theres a lot that could go wrong that would lead to you needing AC repairs. Your unit, regardless if its a central air system, ductless unit, or even a window air conditioner, is a complex piece of machinery. There is an abundance of interworking components that must all be fully-functional to get the most energy efficiency and performance.nbsp;

Explore some of the ways your cooling system could be affected:

Filters - Every air conditioning system has a filter. Some are good for a month. Others last up to three. Some filters are disposable, while others are reusable. Failing to take care of the screen can cause your air conditioner to require more energy, and you can end up with a frozen unit that requires AC repair .

Leaking coolant - The temperature can vary, and your air conditioner wont work correctly if there are refrigerant leaks inside. Leakage can be prevented with regular inspections by a professional.

Fuses and breakers - When an AC repairnbsp; is required because the device overheated, many times, its because of a fuse or breaker. The motor could potentially quit altogether if these arent checked.

Drainage - If dirt or debris is blocking the drain lines for your air conditioner, it can leak out of the pan and require AC repair .

Compressor - The compressor must be functioning correctly so that your ac system can cool your home. Its what gives energy to the coils and carries out the heat exchange. A unit without enough refrigerant will seize if it gets too hot. When theres too much refrigerant, you could also be dealing with a busted system.

Capacitors - The fans and compressor work because of the capacitors. If it burns out, you will lose efficiency.

Contactors - Inside your air conditioner, several different contactors are necessary for the operations of the fan motor, blower motor, and compressor. Over time, pitting and arcing can happen. That makes it difficult for the engines to start if they can start at all.

These are just a few of the things that could go wrong without regular maintenance. A qualified HVAC contractor knows what to look for.

What Happens During an AC Maintenance Service?

When you hire professionals to come in and do your ac maintenance service, you can expect them to start at the thermostat. They will ensure that its level, clean, not being affected by sunlight, and otherwise operating properly. Then they will move their attention to the air conditioning system.

To keep from having unnecessary ac repairsnbsp; come up, the technician will thoroughly clean all parts of the equipment with their professional tools, chemicals, and processes. They will check all your refrigerant and coolant levels to make sure they are correct. A thorough inspection for leaks of any type will take place along with measuring the airflow. During the examination, he or she will also explore your ductwork to confirm there are no clogs or other damages. Your HVAC technician will explore all of the electrical components and clean away any dirt, debris, or leaves that might hinder the performance.

Why Would I Need AC Repairsnbsp; During a Maintenance Service?

Sometimes, during maintenance, your technician may be required to do an ac repair . This is a good thing, though. Frequently, they will find something small that needs to be fixed, and they can do it right there on the spot. The positive is that if it were left alone, it could lead to a bigger, more expensive problem. You could potentially require a complete replacement in just a short time of use without the quick fix.

Some of the minor things your repair technician can do while completing maintenance are:

Combing aluminum fins back into place
Replacing coolant or refrigerant
Sealing up leaks
Removing clogs
Replacing filters
Repairing coils

How Long Does AC Maintenance Take?

You might be hesitant to hire someone to do your ac maintenance because you cant find the time in your busy schedule. Now that you know that its necessary to keep your system running at peak performance levels and with energy efficiency, you have to make the time.

It all depends on who you hire, how complex your system is, and what kinds of ac repairsnbsp; they have to do. While some can complete it in a few hours, others might require a day or more. Its something you can ask your contractor when you call to schedule the service.

How Much Does AC Maintenance Cost?

The national average for ac maintenance is between 70 and 100. Call around to a few different companies until you find someone that is in line with industry standards. Someone that offers a rate much lower than that isnt going to give you the complete quality service you expect. A contractor that asks a lot more is likely price gouging. Its better to pay the rate for maintenance than what an AC repair nbsp;could be. At a minimum, charges are 75, with a maximum of around 2,000.


Andrew Young is the owner of Superior HVAC, the Houston areas 1 provider of commercial and residential AC repairs and installation, furnace repairs, and air filtration systems. Andrew and his team have decades of experience in the Texas HVAC industry and specialize in virtually every make and model of AC and heating system in use today. Whether its a full-scale commercial HVAC system or a central residential AC, Andrew and his crew know how to keep that system operating at peak efficiency and the value of regular maintenance.

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